Saturday, October 4, 2008

Blustery Day

Today is a day for double stick tape, scissors, torn paper, lots of pens and markers, words and glue stick. It is a day for wearing fleece and turtlenecks, sweats and fuzzy-lined crocs. It is also a day for melty-cheese sandwiches, a movie and lots of knitting...okay and some vacuuming and chores thrown in....but it is windy, wet and cold outside--so it is a day for letters, blogging, email and journaling (and later some Baseball--to watch our old friend Jamie Moyer pitch once again.)

I am:
  1. nearly 1/2 way done with a wildly multi-pink comfort scarf
  2. still working on the apple green prayer shawl
  3. starting a self-stripping-ish hat
  4. and yet to finish the navy blue chenille hat

1 comment:

sandy said...

I loved the blustery day! Your post made me feel all warm and snug. Definitely a good weekend for knitting. My other try this weekend was to get out my drawing tools and play with that! Very fun - I have to see what you've finished with your knitting!

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