Saturday, September 6, 2008

under the bright blue sky

We get so spoiled with just a day or two of sunshine that starts in the morning...this morning, after just this kind of spoiling, we woke to GRAY...but eventually the sun came out and I zoomed outside with things to read, write and ponder...and of course spent the first 45 minutes pulling weeds, watering, pruning the tree back in order to free the bird feeders and then filling them all again.

Once I did sit down the warmth on my back was so worth it. I tipped back and watch the floating clouds changing, joining and dispersing above me until I felt like it wouldn't be unusual to hear Charlie Brown or Linus ask me what I saw in the cloud overhead! Okay, a little light-headed when I sat my chair back down and stretched my neck.

It is hard to believe, and more than a bit sad that we ended up having the whole summer in the house...there is much I would have attempted had I known the house really wouldn't sell sooner. Instead I look around and feel like there has been no summer--weather wise this is certainly true, and improvements or tinkering in the garden wise this is basically just as true. Tinkering in the garden gives me heart-soul-solitude and clears my head of the tumbling and all too uncreative buzz that it is too easy to live with at times.
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