Sunday, September 7, 2008

It matters that we speak out--or write it down

I came across Sabrina Ward Harrison's The True and the Quetions: a journal (again) the other morning and flipped it over to find this great quote:

"I journal to understand my life as I'm living it. I use my journals
as a place to to put the things that spill out over the edges of my life: photo negatives,scraps of paper, poems I have heard and loved, my sorrow and epiphanies, the true and the questions. My journals have become guideposts for my life."

One of my favorite this about the journaling for me is that it is a usually a messy process. Bits and pieces of all kinds of things make up our lives, and I regularly pick up bits and pieces of life to stick in my journal. Maybe it is the color, the texture, the angle, the raggedness, who knows--but all of it helps visually portray LIFE at the moment for me.

Why do you suppose it matters that we do this?

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Rosie said...

I can't answer that question - yet! As you know, I've just begun! I want to play and experiment and paint, write, stick in things and generally enjoy the freedom of journalling WITH art!! Does that make sense?
I hope you do start a knitting journal - that is a fab idea! And never change the bag... the roosters are brilliant!!

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