Friday, May 18, 2012

a mini knitted me!

My very talented niece, Gretchen, made this mini-me...everyone was laughing when she was trying to show me that in the shoulder bag was a mini-journal (it's true I don't go anywhere without mine) and some knitting (yes, actual knitting on teeny-tiny knitting needles she made--and then knitted on!) --looks like I have started another little scarf... Anyway, this lovely whimsical handmade gift came at just the right time. It makes me smile to look at her. By the way, I do have green eyes, I do tend to dress in layers, with a hat, scarf and vest most of the year, I love funky socks, always carry at least one bag with me, journal, knitting and books... But--that is not my hair, though I wouldn't mind if it was!

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