Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hello Creative Peeps

Hello again, yes, it is me. I've been absent from here for too long--and have no idea who, if anyone might still stop in to see if anything is alive here in The Dresser Drawer. In short, life has been hard these last many months, and while I have been journaling, reading, knitting, writing letters and posti, playing with some collage, poetry, stamps and taking pictures, what I haven't been doing is blogging about it. Well, that is not quite true. I have still been blogging on my hope blog partners4hope

Wilbur, the-marvelous-white-cat-in-residence, is as fuzzy as ever and equally amusing & personable (yes, that is an orange  peanut butter M&M he is balancing on his head.) Wilbur helps me keep my sanity. His zen-like presence is very calming--most of the time.

This is, again or still, a time of contemplation and discerning for me. I will share more soon. 

Check the right hand column and you will see my montage of art and creativity books from my Goodreads page. I am currently perusing more than a few books on creativity, crafting and business. If you are interested in finding a copy of any of these--or other books, you can click the Powell's Books graphic and search their site for new or used copies. If you haven't ever been to Powell's in Portland--I highly recommend a trip there.(And, yes, it is true they buy books too, in person and online. There are easy to follow directions. 

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LizA. said...

Im still here coz you're in my blog reader.....Wilbur cat is looking far too peaceful & serene. Arlo says he could fix that.......hugs.

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