Monday, October 31, 2011

Cozy Friend-Knitted Socks

Socks this time of year are especially cozy. Chunky socks are even more cozy. As it is suppose to get so cold tonight, it seemed the right time to put on some cozy socks. A friend knitted these and popped them in the I am having a hard time choosing which pair to wear first. Too bad for me!
    I've been planning on starting a pair of sock. I've been practicing with some teeny-weeny knitting needles--but I may just try a pair of chunky-socks first. I know I need new glasses, but seriously, my arms are not long enough to see clearly all the small stitches. Yes, I have bifocals already.
   Ah well, toes are toasty and my heart is warmed too by the sweet gift of socks. 

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LizA. said...

Mmm, not much beats cozy, hand knit sox!

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