Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hello Again

Yes, it is me again. I am back from my hiatus and also back from a recent bout with the current upper respiratory crud going around. Apparently it can go around and around--so be careful out there.

I have puttered here and there making a few changes and wondering what direction the Dresser Drawer will go in the next few months. Especially since the real dresser drawers must be gone through for the purpose of thinning, tossing, packing and passing on must once again take place. Sad to realize that much of what was packed awhile back has never been unpacked -- except when there was a bit of a water situation in the garage and I had to make several boxes suddenly more upwardly mobile. They had to be unpacked and repacked. Ug.

Fall has arrived. Today started with scraping ice off my windshield. Later it was beautifully sunny. Yard work too place--I can still feel it in my hands--the clipper hand is my mouse hand. Tomorrow the front yard needs some help to get ready for winter. There are weeds that think they have earned the right to call themselves bushes...I still call them dandelions--and they must go.


Sophia said...

Hey....welcome back!!! :) Yeah!! Hugs!

sandy said...

Happy happy! So glad to see you here again. Hugs :)

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