Saturday, May 15, 2010

Watering in the Garden

I was in the backyard in the morning yesterday--mostly to clean out and fill the birdbaths... having finished I watered here and there... when it occurred to me that I was committing a crime by watering---there really are that many weeds surrounding the plants in the garden I was watering...sad.

I gave up watering--it brought me dangerously close to weeding--A LOT. So I switched to scooping dog poop--that was something with limits there was only so much of it in the yard. One bucket of it. The weeds would be measured in tons. Oh well, enough with weeds. I moved myself over into the prayer garden and put my feet up awhile. I tried reading, I tried writing...but mostly I found myself looking around. Over and over my eyes left the page, my thoughts wandered. I just needed to breathe. To take in the becomings of the garden and leaves of the Japanese maple, the blooming of the woodruff. It is a place to breathe.


Brian Miller said...

you know...that sounds like a great meditation...

Anonymous said...
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