Thursday, November 12, 2009

Just walking by...

I was walking by this tree in the parking lot today and the bright burst of RED caught me eye. I've been in the parking lot many times and I cannot say I have noticed these trees before...maybe I am always looking down at the bright flowers they plant along the walkway. So, why today? I was plenty distracted but I noticed them anyway. The sky was brilliant blue (and was suppose to be dark and rainy), and still I noticed. I think it was their stark beauty against the mostly bare tree limbs. I had just come from a strange elevator encounter with a very sad woman and had her on my mind and heart and then, "Wow, hello, ding-ding, Notice US." I stopped and looked at the berries and took a few pictures. No matter why I saw them--I guess I just want to say I am thankful for tiny moments of beauty. Today these berries fit that bill. Tomorrow, what will it be? Don't know but I will be looking.

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Sophia said...

I loved this post. The picture is stunning and really shows off what caught your attention in the first place! Wow!

Happy Friday. :)

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