Sunday, November 29, 2009

I really have been searching for Buddha's hand. I am sorry this is such a fuzzy picture--but then, life has had its fuzziness of late so... It all began with a renewed zeal (this is a low energy zeal mind you) for sorting/simplifying and general tossing of things no longer needed or useful. Some of this physical, some mental. Anyway, after sorting and moving some stuff around I left the room for a few minutes and while I was gone I heard one of those disturbing clunks--almost a crash, but not quite. I walked back in to find a shelf half off the wall and balanced on my printer below it....and Buddha on the floor minus his left hand. I've looked and looked. No hand. Not in, on, under, behind, or beside anything.


Sophia said...

Oh KJ, it has to be there somewhere! Hmmm...we must find it for you.

Thanks for stopping by. Missed you!

kim said...

Hand missing.
Arm still raised.
Buddha still laughing.
Belly still round.

We can learn a lot from the Buddha.

I too am in major sorting and tossing mode. Good for my soul it helps to be active in uncertanty.

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