Friday, September 18, 2009

I've been writing myself out of my journal recently.
There has been so much in me, near me, around me. So, I pick up my pens, sometimes a glue stick, certainly a rubber stamp or two and I just start in on the pages.
Hence, I have been scarce here.
Today is the anniversary of my mother's funeral. It is also the day her youngest sister finishes up some potent radiation for breast cancer...odd to have those fall on the same day.
There is no silence around the house to take this in--neighbors have workmen pounding on something--so the prayer garden is out of the question.
It is almost time to dress and leave. I am reading Psalm 23 in a memorial service in awhile.

I added a very courageous poem on the connected Hope blog. That is really my entry for today, but I just thought I would say a little about where I am at the moment. Thanks for listening.


Sophia said...

I am sorry for your loss. I really am. And it's heartbreaking to hear that your mother's sister is ill as well. I lift you up from afar.


Sophia said...

Stopping by to see how you are doing. Miss you!

kj said...

Thanks very has been a strange time. I hope to be back here more regularly soon.

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