Saturday, May 30, 2009

bloomin' clematis!

This is a close up of the clematis that climbs the backyard fence...I didn't think it would do as well this year since I just did not ever get it cut back after last year. Last year it had a mediocre showing--but it loved the harsh winter and slow spring I guess....because it is as beautiful and full as it has ever been. I could just pull a chair up in front of it and stare, well, sitting on the patio I have basically done just that....My mom is smiling--they were one of her very favorites and if I learned one thing from her it is to keep a large rock over the roots to keep them out of the direct sun....this one's for you Mom!

I like early morning in the garden more than almost any other time of the day...when weather finally permits me out there...I remember it all over again. I take my coffee, a few books and my journal and settle in for awhile. It almost always ends as it did today--with me pulling weeds in with my robe and pj's still on....sitting turns to work and I have to remind myself to sit back down and just look... just listen...just be....the rest of the day will be work enough. These precious moments are for pure inspiration...and breathing.

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