Sunday, March 8, 2009

Well it finally happened. I learned how to crochet--well, I learned one stitch and I am trying it out on my first beanie. My sweetie learned from his sister and I listened--I had tried and failed many times over in the last few he made a beanie first and I started wearing it--my thinking cap is what I call it--and then I said, "Okay I am ready." And he showed me--over and over---the nice thing about crochet is that is incredibly easy to pull out and start over anywhere along the way! So he did the center of the beanie and got me started...I finally hit the aha! moment and here is how far I am. It has an amazing rhythm to it....we'll see how it looks when it is finished...

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goldenbird said...

Hi KJ- I just found your blog and was delighted to see that Knitting Heaven and Earth is one of your favorite books, too. I loved Secret Lives of Bees as well-- both the book and the movie.

You're fortunate to have such a patient crochet teacher :-) I tried to teach myself using a book, but it didn't go so well.

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