Saturday, September 20, 2008

having eyes to see...

"One of the greatest necessities in America

is to discover creative solitude." --Carl Sandburg

Okay, it is not just a little bit ironic that I would open a book to this quote the first morning of silence following the process of having a new roof out on the house! I sat knitting on the turquoise blue nirvana shawl during the last of it yesterday. But the experience of the roof just magnifies this same idea that has been rambling-crashing around in my brain. Maybe it is the start of school, the beginning of all rapidly changing tidal wave of 'S A L E S' in every store you walk into: we go from Back-to-School to Halloween in a blink...which just brings out turkeys and pilgrim hats, which lead to everything happy much as I love fall--and I do with an aching heart that surprises me every year...the clatter that seems to have taken over leaves me scattered and searching for moments of which to imagine, create, listen, dream, be.

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