Saturday, September 27, 2008

a breath of fresh air with mountains all around

Sometimes even a quick trip away is good food for the soul. We took off on Thursday afternnoon and went to Leavenworth (on the other side of the mountains from here)and while it rained most of the way there it stopped as soon as we crested the pass....and the sun came out...yummy views of the river all along HWY 2 and then at the mouth of the valley we were there. We checked in and sat to enjoy the view. After a nice rest we fixed our simple dinner and settled in for baseball and knitting--and a three-way crossword puzzle bonanza.

The next morning after some very relaxed coffee, knitting and further cross-wording, we took off for our breakfast out at the waffle house. Trust me when I say that the mood was restful....then we spent time wandering the town before having Helga's Kielbasa and hitting the road for home. Oh, one last necessary stop at a particular fruit stand before turning into Blewett Pass.

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