Monday, September 15, 2008

...and then there was: NIRVANA

Ok, the two little mystery skeins are a treasure. Their color sent me off in search of more shades of turquoise for a shawl pattern I found called, "Aunt Phebe's Comfort Shawl." It just begged for some deep-tropical-turquoise-sea-blue. I found it in this yummy soft Angel Hair/Turquoise yarn by Sensations. So I have started my first triangular shawl. So far it looks like a diaper for a large stuffed bear. It's coming along--between all the other things I need to fit into my days and evenings....including the house being shown by surprise yesterday afternoon. I find now that I have two hats and two shawls going at the same time. All different yarns, different colors, different textures and so they fit there is something to work on no matter what my tactile mood happens to be at the moment.

I have collected enough odds and ends, quotes, patterns, pictures torn from things...I feel a knitting journal coming on. I reason that I have to have somewhere to put it all--why not have that somewhere be somewhere creative and fun? This realization demands making a choice of size, type, etc. More fun!

Speaking of fun, a friend from our Prayer Knitting Circle made me this hilarious bag for my knitting. It was a surprise birthday gift earlier this summer and it makes me smile every time I pick it up. Yes, it is chickens/roosters knitting. You can turn it inside out and then the material is a much more 'sedate' ball of yarn and two know, in case I need to be in company who would just not take to roosters knitting. Why would I want to hang out with folks like that?

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