Friday, August 29, 2008

a house on the market

Having your house on the market challenges ones creative abilities. I create in a certain amount of chaos and having to constantly clean up makes it limiting. I keep thinking of getting the sewing machine out for awhile, but awhile is not worth it when you are someone like me who sews basically by braille. Not that my mom didn't attempt to teach me to sew 'for real' -- with a pattern and everything! Well, that was the summer I turned 17 and I was far more interested in reading Sylvia Plath out on the deck in the sun...or taking long walks on the beach in that teen solitude that both serves to help one learn oneself from the inside out--and think through the problems of the world. But the hours mom and I spent together in fits of laughter over what I 'accomplished' was worth the effort. Thank you mom. I did learn a lot from you that day and many others. Now I better go make my little mess in the nook so I have time to clean it up before I have to leave. (!)

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